An animation toolbox for visualization of intracranial electroencephalography synchronization dynamics

This supplementary materials website accompanies the original article available here:

This video shows the connectivity dynamics of cortical regions recorded by an intracranial electroencephalography grid as a representative case of FCD type II epilepsy transitions into seizure.

The phase-synchrony indexed functional connectivity and eigenvector centrality are derived from iEEG recordings, filtered at 7 frequency bands during the 60 seconds prior to and during the ictal period of a representative seizure detailed in the text.

Blue lines represent a large increase in interelectrode synchronization relative to the interictal. Pink lines represents a large decrease in synchronization.

In the bottom right box, the translucent overlay is calculated from HFO amplitude.

Raw waveforms from representative electrodes (from top to bottom) outside, bordering, and within the clinical SOZ are shown at the bottom of the video, where the clinical seizure onset is denoted by the vertical dotted line.

This software is for research purposes only, and has not been validated for clinical use.

List of Functions


Calculates connectivity between all electrode pairs using a sliding window.

Data I/O

Loads iEEG data, overlays, grid electrode locations,


The main function that performs the rendering of the connectivity animation.

This function renders a single frame of the movie for saving high-resolution figures (typically for printing).

Displays the electrode grid overlaid on the operating room image to check alignment, and for other debugging purposes.

Download the toolbox

Option 1: Clone using git

Run the following code in your terminal:

git clone

Option 2: Download zip archive

A zip archive of the latest code in the GitHub repository can be downloaded here: